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Welcome to the Death and Roses clan Website made and edited by Sephrioth X.

The clan was founded by Sephrioth X and is slowly growing, the clan is new so dosent have that many members, but the memebrs we do have are pretty good for the most part. We have defeated MoB twice in MLG to 50 on lock out.
                                             MLG Training
We are having MLG training games set up by unt0uchable jj, and Big Rome 1 will assist him, or me if I am on. So if you are on, and if unt0uchable jj is on, ask him for a MLG match, we are trying to become a better clan all together, so let the training begin!
                                             Clan recruitment
If anyone has a freind that wants to join our clan, ask an Overlord of us so we can try him/her out, we would love to have new members join, just let an Overlord know first.

Death and Roses
Join Today

If any one would like to Join our clan just add one of the Overlords in the members list and contact them. If any one would like to challenge out clan , again contact an Overlord.

List of freindly clans (RGI)

Thank you for choosing DaR.